What amenities do you provide?
    This travel is one of the biggest private-owned bus service in South Karnataka and it:
  • Live bus tracking feature
  • Has a central television
  • Has High quality air conditioning system
  • Provides blankets for a cozy journey
  • Air conditioned buses
  • Single lady seat provision.
  • Round-the-clock Customer Service.
  • CCTV Cameras for the safety of passengers in some buses.
  • 3D Secured payment options
What are the benefits of booking tickets through Operator website ?
Operator offers huge discounts and offers on online bus booking. You can save big on bus tickets at Operator website.

Do I need to signup to use Operator website?
No. You can directly search for buses and do the booking.

Does booking online cost me more?
  NEVER. This is a myth that online bookings cost you more. Infact, it will cost you much lesser than offline bookings

Can I travel without a printout of the ticket?
Yes, you can just show the M - Ticket and a valid ID Proof to board the bus.

What is an MTicket and how does it help?
When a ticket is booked, the passenger gets a confirmation SMS which works as  an MTicket and is as authentic as a hard copy of the ticket.

I have not received the MTicket. What is the procedure to get it?
Contact customer care at 8046333639 or mail to support@mybusbookings.com. We would be happy to help.

  I had entered a wrong mobile number while booking the ticket. How can I get the ticket on a different number?
Contact customer care at 8046333639 or mail to support@mybusbookings.com.  We would be happy to help.

  Do you provide a soft copy of the receipt for office claims?
Yes, we do. You just need to drop an e-mail to support@mybusbookings.com and the rest will be taken care of.

Why there are different seat rates for the same bus?
Some seats are considered to be premium seats and thus they have higher rates.

Why do you collect my mobile number for bookings?
We collect your mobile number as we send M -Ticket to that number

I have not received my bus tickets on my Mail Id. What should I do?
Contact customer care at 8046333639 or mail to support@mybusbookings.com.  We would be happy to help.

What are the mandatory documents we are expected to carry while travelling?
Incase of online bookings, you need to have the confirmation message alias M - Ticket and a valid ID Proof. In case of failure you will not be allowed to board the bus

How many days prior does the advance booking open for a bus?
We book tickets maximum 30 days in advance than the journey date.

Do you have separate seats for lady passengers?
Yes. Once a seat is booked by a single lady then the adjacent seat is open only to ladies.

Are children eligible for half ticket prices?
Any child above the age of 5 years is viable to a full ticket.

Does Operator provide a phone booking option?
Yes. Please get in touch with the customer care at 8046333639 to do a phone booking. What happens when my schedule/service is cancelled? In such circumstances we will definitely provide an advance information to the  passenger.

Is it possible to change the dates of our confirmed tickets?
Yes. You can change the dates by clicking on the Modify/Cancel tab.

8046333639 How does adjusting dates work?
Once you postpone or prepone the ticket then you will get a full amount coupon to your mail id. This coupon is valid for 5 hours and can be used to book another ticket. If, by any chance the newly booked ticket price is less than the previous amount then difference in the price will not be refunded. The generated coupon cannot be clubbed with any other coupon.

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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